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Failed Septic Tank Restoration in Dehradun | Rishikesh | Haridwar

Toza India has introduced an innovative device called BioGermX to restore failed Septic Tank and clogged soak pit in Dehradun, Rishikesh, Roorkee, Haridwar and Delhi NCR. In the previous, a home owner had inadequate choices to solve the challenge of a failing or failed septic system caused by a clogged drain field or soak pit. The most common solution for restoration of a failed septic system involved replacing the clogged soak pit or drain field and septic tank. Replacing a septic systems is costly and time consuming effort and generally cost from Rs 50000/ to one lakh Indian rupees or more, depending on the type of system being replaced. Toza India has designed and developed a retrofit compact aerobic system called BioGermX for onsite septic system. The BioGermX Remediation System restores and extends the life of failing or failed septic systems by creating an aerobic environment that promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria inside Septic Tank or soak pit. You save thousands of rupees and avoid all the hassles and problems that come with replacing your current system because the BioGermX equipment is installed without excavation. The aerobic treatment of septic sewage has been in use for more than 100 years in world. Nearly every municipal wastewater sewage treatment plant utilizes aerobic treatment as one of their primary treatment processes. This process is healthy, fast and efficient at cleaning the wastewater generated by home owners. BioGermX applies this same technology to your existing septic system to resolve a failed septic system. By changing the environment in the system from anaerobic to aerobic, approximate 90% of the organic material are consumed by the aerobic bacteria in your septic tank. As a result, less organic material leaves the tank as food for the bio mat in the drain field.

Bio mat is the main reason of clogging of septic system, in addition to that aerobic bacteria and oxygen rich water also flows into soak pit or drain field which creates an environment for the aerobic bacteria to consume bio mat. With the bio mat being consumed and dying off the drain field becomes penetrable again and system function returns to original levels. If your septic system is failing or is a few years old, this is an easy decision to make. The BioGermX solution is guaranteed and has successfully restored thousands of failing or failed septic systems across the world by many companies. Put septic system troubles behind you and call us today. Drain fields typically fail because too much wastewater has been flushed into them, keeping them constantly saturated. When too much water sits in the drain lines constantly, a bacterial mat forms along the soak pit walls. This slimy mat doesn't allow water to seep through it and therefore the soak well no longer can handle the waste water. A properly designed septic system is designed to handle a specific amount of wastewater. This is determined by how many people are in the house. Number of people are calculated by the number of bedrooms.

Signs of this are drains gurgling, draining slowly, water coming up through the lower house level floor drains, and wet spots in the yard. Usually these problems are most noticeable when you use a lot of water, like on laundry day. That's why it's imperative that you space your laundry loads and conserve water! Short showers, never leaving water run down a drain while washing dishes, full wash loads only (or adjusting the water level for a small load), and never doing back to back loads of laundry will all help conserve water, and therefore the amount of wastewater going into the system. In the septic tank, only about 50 percent of solids are broken down by bacteria, the rest accumulate in the bottom of the tank until they are pumped out. Having too many solids accumulated, and too much water entering the tank at once (like doing several loads of laundry in one morning), can cause the solids to be flushed out into the drain field where it can clog it. Fortunately, BioGermX is a quick, easy fix system for a failed sewer system. Our domain of services includes Readymade Septic Tank installation, Restoration of Failed Septic Tank, Sewage Treatment Plant installation, effluent Treatment Plant installation in Dehradun, Roorkee, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Agra and Mathura, Soak Pit and Septic Tank Construction in Dehradun, Yamunanagar, Ambala, Chandigarh, Shimla and Solan etc.